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What's a 'man weave'?

A ‘man weave’ is colloquial term given to what the hair replacement industry and cosmetic barbers refer to as cranial prosthesis, hair replacement units, or hair systems. They are a non-surgical intervention for men who have lost some, or all of their hair. Whether due to various forms of alopecia, or chemotherapy/radiation treatments for cancer, the man weave is becoming a popular option for men who want something non-invasive to help improve the look of baldness and hair loss.

Who's able to wear the man weave?

The best part about the man weave is that it can be effectively applied to virtually every hair type. Whether you are Caucasian, Latino, or Black, there is a man weave out there to suit your hair, and style. Hair replacement is something to carefully consider before pursuing, so keep the below information in mind when debating whether or not the man weave is right for you:

● One installation of a man weave (it will need to be repeated indefinitely if you are interested in this option as a long-term solution) will cost between $275 to $800.

● The process takes anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours

● The hairline is cleaned, a marker is used to draw in the hairline that will eventually be filled in, an anti-itch treatment is applied to the scalp, and finally, an adhesive is laid down in the marked area, hair is applied and then dried with a hair dryer.

Hair replacements and man weaves are not permanent solutions

It is important to keep in mind that this procedure is not a permanent solution to hair loss. That is not to say that it can’t be repeated indefinitely over time, but there are things to keep in mind with this kind of hair replacement. First off, having a man weave means you should avoid getting it wet, which involves showering with a shower cap on. If you want to clean the weave, you will have to return to one of our clinics to have it removed, cleaned and replaced.

At Miami Fades, our barbers and clinicians are well-versed in this procedure and have helped restore pride and confidence to a diverse group of men throughout the Greater Toronto Area, providing them with cutting edge hair loss solutions that look and feel great. Contact Miami Fades today to find out more about our award winning man weave hair replacement procedures.


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