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The re-creative experience

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our social media is the best place to check out just how immaculate our work is. Regardless of your hair type, our barbers know what they’re doing with all styles and textures. Curly, short, straight, long, it doesn’t matter. Whether you come in looking for something specific – some of our clients come in with photos of hairstyles they like, or photos of their previous haircuts for our barbers to replicate – or it’s your first time at Miami Fades and would like suggestions, our team of experienced barbers know what looks good.

The perfect shave

Whether you come in for the shave and trim treatment, or just the shave, Miami Fades barbers know what they are doing with a razor. The classic straight razor shave never really left the culture entirely, but it was certainly a specialty service in many barbershops for quite some time. This age-old practice has come back in a major way, and Miami Fades regularly does straight razor and wet shaves, giving our clients the closest, smoothest shave they’ve had in their lives. Our guys are gentle and precise, leaving you with no cuts, just smooth, perfectly lined up facial hair, or, if you want, none at all.

Getting the perfect haircut & fade in Toronto

How often does it happen? You’re walking down the street and you see a guy with a great haircut (perfect fade, perfectly blended, straight edges, clean, suits his face shape) and you think to yourself: why doesn’t my hair look like that? If you’re in the GTA, there’s a high chance that guy got his haircut & fade at Miami Fades. Any good barber knows that a large part of a quality haircut is how well your barber has done your fade. Check out some of our work on social media and see what we’re talking about.

Getting the right haircut for your personality

Many of our clients come to us for facial hair maintenance. It is hard to cut your own hair, and you typically have much less facial hair than you do hair on your head, meaning mistakes are not as easily covered up or forgiven on your face. Our team will use professional quality scissors and electric trimmers to neatly keep your facial hair at the length, and in the style you want it, without altering or changing your ideal look.

Excellence with Miami Fades

Too many men out there suffer with subpar haircuts, resigning themselves to a life of less-than-stellar grooming. An old joke goes: what’s the difference between a good haircut and a bad one?…a couple of weeks. Miami Fades aims to change that. If you want your haircut and fade done right, by highly trained professionals who know what looks good, so that you leave the barbershop already looking great, come and see what Miami Fades has to offer.

Your facial hair, like the hair on your head, is something you’ve put time and effort into. Don’t trust amateurs with something that, for many, is the cornerstone of their look. If you find yourself looking in the mirror and knowing it’s time for some facial hair maintenance, come into one of our 7 barbershop locations throughout the Toronto/GTA and have one of our award-winning barbers look after of your shave and trim.


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