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Scalp Micropigmentation

Treatment with scalp micropigmentation

The chances are high that you’ve seen, perhaps even met someone with scalp micropigmentation and, if it was done right, have had absolutely no idea. That, after all, is the point..

Scalp micropigmentation is the process by which small deposits of pigment are inserted into the top layer of the dermis, with the goal being to create the look of your natural hairline, just with a ‘five-o’clock shadow’ appearance. The look is stylish, is immensely different than the ‘bald’ look and, when done right, looks flawless.

The process is quite straightforward, but requires considerable expertise and involves:

● Pigment selection
● Needle size selection
● Understanding of penetration depth
● Understanding of penetration angle
● Evaluation of the appropriate placement and clustering of pigmentation to create natural look

What's a hair replacement system and how much does it cost?

The best part about the hair piece is that it can be effectively applied to virtually every hair type. Whether you are Caucasian, Latino, or Black, there is a hair piece out there to suit your hair, and style. Hair replacement is something to carefully consider before pursuing, so keep the below information in mind when debating whether or not the hair piece is right for you:

● One installation of a hair piece (it will need to be repeated indefinitely if you are interested in this option as a long-term solution) will cost between $275 to $800.

● The process takes anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours

● The hairline is cleaned, a marker is used to draw in the hairline that will eventually be filled in, an anti-itch treatment is applied to the scalp, and finally, an adhesive is laid down in the marked area, hair is applied and then dried with a hair dryer.

Skin and scar treatment

There was once a time in hair loss history when hair transplanting techniques would frequently leave recipients with unsightly scars on the back of their head that would then have to be covered up by hats or long hair. Since then, skin and scar treatment procedures have become available to help minimize the look of scarring and hyperpigmentation that don’t require you to constantly be covering up.

What is alopecia?

For many people, the term ‘alopecia’ conjures up images of total hair loss – of people losing their eyebrows, body hair and facial hair. This type of severe alopecia, however, is but one of many different types. Alopecia is simply the Latin/scientific word for ‘hair loss.’ Alopecia is one of the most common reasons people (both men and women) seek hair loss treatment.

Treat and prevent hair loss with miami fades

It is important to keep in mind that this procedure is not a permanent solution to hair loss. That is not to say that it can’t be repeated indefinitely over time, but there are things to keep in mind with this kind of hair replacement. First off, having a man weave means you should avoid getting it wet, which involves showering with a shower cap on. If you want to clean the weave, you will have to return to one of our clinics to have it removed, cleaned and replaced.

At Miami Fades, our barbers and clinicians are well-versed in this procedure and have helped restore pride and confidence to a diverse group of men throughout the Greater Toronto Area, providing them with cutting edge hair loss solutions that look and feel great. Contact Miami Fades today to find out more about our award winning man weave hair replacement procedures.


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