An opportunity to lead with the BEST in the Barbering Industry. Become a licensed operator/ owner of the next Miami Fades location

Miami Fades is the ONLY fast growing Canadian barbershop company with over 5 locations and at a rate of 1 new area per year. Miami Fades has created a blueprint for the significant contribution to growing the Canadian Barbershop industry and with international plans for the near future. Together with our reputable Academy (Toronto Fade Master Academy) and a group of dedicated and passionate brothers and sisters we strive always to stay winning in Jesus name.


  • Staffing Contractors (Trained and qualified Barbers/ Fade Masters)
  • Initial Shop SET-UP
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Accounting
  • Legalities
  • Low Initial Sale Cost & Low Royalties Fee

The first pick is for members/ employees of the group of Miami Fades companies or must be specially invited to join our Academy for free tuition with your investment.

Levels and positions within the Miami Fades Family.

  • Student Fade Master
  • Student Scalp Master
  • Apprentice Fade Master
  • Apprentice Scalp Master
  • Junior Fade Master
  • Junior Scalp Master
  • Senior Fade Master
  • Senior Scalp Master
  • Senior Fade Master/ Manager
  • Senior Fade Master/ GM
  • Senior Fade Master INSTRUCTOR
  • Senior Scalp Master INSTRUCTOR
  • SUPREME Master (Both Scalp & Fade Master)
  • Licensed Operator/ Owner (1 +plus more locations)
  • CEO / President

Become a Licensed Operator